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Occasions and Drinks

No recipe book would be complete without recipes for occasions, drinks and treats. In my kitchen, occasions range from holidays to cleanses after too many drink and treat recipes!

As always, here you’ll only find:

  • No lengthy backstory – Ingredients + Instructions only!
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Easy assembly and minimal prep

6 Holiday Side Dishes

Whether you’re spending the holidays with close family or expanding a bit, these 6 holiday side dish recipes will bring joy to any table!

Top 6 Recipes for Fall

My Top 6 Recipes for Fall. Each recipe has been chosen for easy preparations, ultimate flavor, and peak color!

Green Detox Juice

This green detox juice recipe is my go-to for sneaking in fiber and nutrients. It’s extra cleansing after a week of bad food choices and drinks. I use it when I’m kicking off a low sugar week or leading up to a facial!

Cleansing Cranberry Drink

Cleansing cranberry juice is a great addition to a juice cleanse or when you need to give your digestive system a jump start!

Summer Beer

Summer beer is a favorite drink any time of year or for any occasion. No operating machinery after drinking though! Trust me, just try it!

Watermelon Popsicles

This recipe is not only easy but I’ll bet you have all three (that’s right, just three ingredients) of these summer staples in your fridge right now. Add Vodka for an Adult version too!

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