I love a robust salad for dinner. This Bibb Lettuce Wedge Salad checks all the boxes and is one I crave. The ingredients you select are most important. It might seem fussy, I know. Just try it, I promise you’ll fall in love.


  • Bibb lettuce, serve full size leaves for presentation
  • Baby cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves
  • Pickled red onions, you’ll find the recipe here
  • Thick cut butchers bacon, cooked crispy and sliced in bite-sized strips
  • Sesame seeds and poppy seeds to top each bowl, adding extra crunch
  • The best darn blue cheese, crumbles and all, you can get your hands on


  • Cook the bacon prior to assembling and let cool completely. Cut the bacon into bite-sized strips.
  • Assemble each salad in individual plates. Chill the plates in the refrigerator ahead for extra props!
  • Place all of the ingredients on the plate, each separated, and add a dollop of blue cheese.
  • Serve cold.