Must have skincare products

It’s September 2020 and we’ve had a lot of time to perfect our home skincare and self care routines… It’s my plan to look 21 when emerging from 2020 and the skincare products below are going to get me there!

Here, you’ll find my list of must have skincare products. Cult favorites, age reversal, ultra hydrating, go-to products. This might be the only skincare product list you’ll ever need. They’re all additive-free so you can be sure you’re caring for your body inside and out.

VictoriaLand Beauty face oil


I am obsessed with VictoriaLand Beauty face oil. The company claims your skin will look good enough to go naked… I can’t attest to the rest of my body, but for my face when using consistently, no makeup is required. I will not travel without this must have skincare product. My face is visibly fuller, smoother and has a subtle glow. I’ve purchased the smaller size for friends – who are now just as addicted. Buy it here.

Drunk Elephant skin care essentials

Drunk Elephant skincare products have been home regime game changers. Protini Polypeptide Cream was my first purchase. I was intrigued after reading flight attendants swear by Protini and Drunk Elephant’s founder, Tiffany Masterson, coats her face in it for hydration during flights.

At the time I discovered Protini I was traveling weekly. Flying sucks the moisture out of your skin and any way I could deplane less a moisture suck, I was in. Protini works by helping to restore the skin’s collagen, which is what gives our skin firmness and elasticity, but as we age we lose our natural reserves. Protini’s growth factor ingredients help facilitate cell turnover without upsetting the skin’s balance. Needless to say, I slather my face before flights, while skiing, after sun, when in higher elevation or in dryer climates.

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial and C-Firma Serum have proven to be must have skincare products on their own. C-Firma visibly evens out any spots and brightens, while Babyfacial sloughs off damaged or dry skin and target wrinkles revealing an ultra smooth I-just-got-a-facial glow. I use C-Firma every other day and Babyfacial once a week. Since all Drunk Elephant skincare products can be mixed, B-Hydra Hydration Serum blends well with C-Firma for an extra smooth treatment.

Beauty Counter CounterSun

Beauty Counter Sunblock skin care

Beauty Counter’s CounterSun sunblock is a must if you live in Florida, are serious about skincare or don’t want chemical products to ‘protect’ you. We have bottles in nearly every bag. It’s the only sunblock our kids don’t flip out over. It never burns their eyes or causes itchy skin. What I’m sure of is we never burn when lathered up in CounterSun. It’s been beach, boat and pool tested by us. CounterSun is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, a physical, mineral sun protection technology that bounces the sun’s rays away from the skin.

FLO PMS Gummy Vitamins

FLO PMS Vitamins for Skin Care

These chewy treats have not only improved my cycle, but also taste heavenly. After careful research I gave Flo Vitamins a try to combat the monthly bloat and epic mood swings that inevitably come with the shittiest time of the month. They have reduced bloating, tempered my mood, and surprisingly also cleared my skin! I don’t breakout all month long but boo’s appear week 3 of my cycle. I have very sensitive skin and also breakout if anyone touches my face or I don’t immediately wash my face after a workout. Flo Vitamins have curbed all of the above. I forgot to reorder a few months back and the breakouts came right back. I now keep a 3 month supply on hand.

Cleo Coco Deodorant

I have tried every natural deodorant on the planet… including lemons. My friends can tell you all about my travel lemon. While many of them work, including the lemon, Cleo Coco deodorant works harder. It smells pleasant and the scent doesn’t change throughout the day, there are no stains or product left on my clothes, no icky clumping (TMI), and it performs during 100 degree sticky Florida heat. Just try it. Buy it here.

Olio E Osso

Olio E Osso Skin Care

I read about Olio E Osso in Goop’s skincare column. This cute little balm is a 3 in 1 for creating a perfect natural look on your cheeks, lips and eyelids. I blend it with a foundation brush for a smoother look. Olio E Osso offers 15 different shades to complement all skin tones. Buy it here.

Homebound look…

Taken while writing this. Me, not so fancy, unfiltered, with just a little Olio E Osso. 41 and okay with my skin.