Quarantined with kids

(Oh my god, the title alone sounds like a horror movie).

Low-maintenance things to do with kids during quarantine

Hold on Karen, nobody has the energy to follow your color-coded schedule of kiddie crafts, especially before we’ve had our daily Quarantine Cocktail allotment. Most of us are limping through distance learning plans, allowing devices until the batteries scream for mercy, worrying about where our next roll of toilet paper is coming from and preparing the 8 meals a day a quarantine apparently calls for….

If that sounds familiar this post is for you (sorry, Karen). We put this list together with the hope it takes a little pressure off you. No need to think! Refer to this list if you’re having a moment where you want to feel a little more normal during this anything-but-normal time. Hang in there mama, you’re doing great!

Outdoor ideas for everyone during quarantine.

  • Going for walks/hikes.
  • Family bike rides.
    • Try creating a list of items to “spot” on the bike ride. The kids check off items as they spot them. A red car, someone walking a dog, For Sale sign, business logo, a swing, a van, a bird…
    • Pack a picnic blanket and UNO or another small game. Find a shady spot along the way and surprise the kids by setting up an outdoor game stop.
  • Working on trampoline tricks or a cartwheel contest.
  • Street hockey.
  • Swimming including sharks and minnows, diving for rings and pool games.
  • Playing ball: soccer, football, basketball. You can do this in the yard or an open field or park as long as it’s not busy and the kids stay off playgrounds.
  • Text your neighbors to see if they’re interested in a low maintenance scavenger hunt on a specific day. If so, each house that participates places a weird item in their front yard. Create a master list of the items, email it out to the participants and send the kids out to hunt!
  • Driveway chalk art and bubbles.
  • Use your chalk to create an obstacle course for the kids. After the rain washes it away, they will be inspired to create one of their own! You can sit back with your drink and watch.
    • Let your neighbors with kids know about the course. Their kids can play on it too while they’re out and about. This will also inspire them to create something similar for your kids to enjoy!

Just for kids… No parental support required.

  • Learning new jokes.
  • Jigsaw puzzling and other puzzles.
  • Facetiming friends and relatives.
  • Sending snail mail, especially to people who may be isolated.
  • Picking up rooms, completing chores. Now is a good time to have the kids help out.
  • Watching TED talks and inspirational speakers.
  • Listening to audiobooks:
    • Libby and Hoopla are free apps, and you can borrow books for free, thanks to your public library.
    • Audible has a 30-day free trial.
  • Drawing, coloring, painting and unorganized crafting.
  • Making paper airplanes and having a fly competition.
  • Creating with Play Doh.
  • Building indoor or outdoor forts.
  • Cleaning closets and choosing things to give away.
Kids social distancing
Our kids socially distanced while social distancing.

Family time indoors.

  • Baking together. Kids love baking and we love desserts. We’ll stick to cookies and easy items over here. Here’s our go-to cookie recipe. Fill with vanilla ice cream and you have an awesome dessert!
  • We invoked our inner “Sugar Rush Challenge” and ordered kits from our local bakery, Make it Swirl. Crazy easy and supporting local business.
  • Holding a kids’ fashion show or talent competition.
  • Have the kids put on a play! They can script it, practice on their own and then preform for you.
  • Board Games: LIFE, Connect Four, Battleship, Pictionary, Guess Who, Monopoly, Jenga, Dominos.
  • Card Games: Euchre, Solitaire, Go Fish, War, Uno!
  • Watching classic movies.
    • Common Sense Media has a great list of movies all kids should see by the time they’re 12 plus a bunch of other lists like best family movies on Netflix.
  • Watching SNL classics.
  • Jigsaw puzzling.
  • Try out different synchronized dances! Dad has been learning new ones every week with our daughter.
Dancing queens

Don’t be surprised if…

We hope these ideas help get you through being quarantined with kids. Don’t be surprised if doing a few of these things creates lasting memories, possible traditions, and brings you together as a family. That thought alone can make this time more bearable. We’re not trying to be mushy… it’s just part of loving them all so much. Either that or it’s the vodka talking.

Looking for more ideas?

If you’re like us, dreaming about the places you’ll go with the family after COVID is part of your daily, get some inspiration here. If you just need a sanity check, look no further and check out what our typical day in quarantine looks like…