Have you ever tried scrounging up exact change when people are in line behind you at the checkout counter? How does that work out for you? For me, it usually results in fat fingers that can’t hold on to coins and the inability to count past 10. 

“I’m holding up the line! I’m holding up the line!”

If that’s what I’m like with change, you can imagine what I’m like in more urgent situations.

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Emergency Numbers to put in your cell phone

To save my family from myself, I have emergency numbers in my cell phone so I can easily access help when we need it. I also keep a printed list taped inside a cabinet in my kitchen for babysitters and other caretakers (i.e. my husband!)

Having these numbers saved ended the fumbling, and makes me look much more in control (than I actually am) in situations like kid health issues, power outages, hurricanes, and accidents.

If you require immediate assistance from the police, fire department or EMT always call 911. 

Make life easier and save the following numbers to your phone in case of an emergency:

  1. Local Police Department
  2. Local Fire Department
  3. Poison Control: (800) 222-1222
  4. Family Doctors and Pharmacy
  5. Water Company
  6. Power Company
  7. Neighbors 
  8. Insurance (home, auto, health)
  9. Roadside Assistance
  10. Locksmith

Florida moms can add:

  1. Florida Coast Guard (305) 415-6800
  2. Emergency Management (FEMA) 800-621-FEMA
  3. American Red Cross (800) 733-2767

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