Finding pediatric doctors in Lakewood Ranch we trust and our family feels comfortable with is important not only for the health of our children, but for our own mental health! Mom’s need help, and knowing you have a great doctor in your corner is essential.

We’ve put together a list of great doctors in the Lakewood Ranch area we either use personally or whose strong reputation in the community makes us confident in recommending them. If you’re new to the area or just need a new doctor, you’ll love this list. Maybe you have someone you love and trust too – send them our way!


We use:

Dr. Robert Weiss M.D. – Weiss Pediatric Care – After six years with Weiss Pediatric Care I can recommend them without hesitation. Everyone there is completely committed to my children’s health and have expertly guided me through years of vaccinations, well visits, rashes, flus, blood work, diseases and ER visits.

  • No long waits! The office is run efficiently, and we are always seen promptly.
  • 24-hour telephone support. I’ve really tested this one out and am so thankful for it. 
  • Developmental, social/emotional, and behavioral screening. 

Dr. Patricia J. Blanco, M.D. and Dr. Luis Montes, M.D. – John Hopkin’s All Children’s  – Excellent office affiliated with All Children’s Hospital. They are known for their thorough exams and the ability to identify problems or abnormalities from the start. Beyond quality care and diagnosis, quick lab work, easy to get in and now that Dr. Montes has been added the wait is half the time. They will take as much time as you need in the office, which feels good not to be rushed. Dr. Montes is excellent at follow-up calls to check in on your little one and make sure you have everything you need.

Other people love:

Dr. Rene Armando Sueiro, M.D. – First Physicians Group

Dr. Federico Frias, M.D., FAAP – APC Pediatrics

Pediatric Dentists

We use:

Dr. Si McAninch, DDS, PA – Kids and parents alike love “Dr. Mac”. Quick and comprehensive care with a conservative approach. You simply can’t go wrong with Dr. Mac. Located 25 minutes away from Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota, I would drive twice as far to keep my kids with this practice. 

Main Street Dentistry , Lakewood Ranch- A newer office located on State Route 70 in Lakewood Ranch, we have found the care to be excellent with attention to detail. We recently switched to this office and now see Dr. Rivera – our children love her and she is so gentle and careful.

Other people love:

Dr. Bryan Morgan, DDS – Children’s Dentistry of Manatee

Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero, DMD – Dentistry for Children & Adolescence 


We use:

Dr. Roger M. Shay, M.D. – Shea ENT Clinic – Dr. Shea is an all-around amazing doctor. Wonderful with children, patient, listens to parents, extremely informative and accommodating. Treats both children and adults. You will love him. 

Other people love:

Have an ENT you love? Let us know!


We use:

Dr. David M. Bracciano, D.O. – Bracciano Dermatology – Sees both children and adults. Friendly, professional and caring, Dr. Bracciano is a Lakewood Ranch favorite. His office is run efficiently and wait times are minimal. It’s always a pleasure to be there. 

Emily F. Arsenault, M.D., FAAD – Arsenault Dermatology – Both children and adults. From dermatitis, acne, weird spots to general concerns they have a professional for everyone. Basic facial cosmetic procedures (injectables) can be done here too and are highly recommended and boast one of the best pricing structures in the area.

Other people love:

Dr. Alma Gruman, M.D. – Family Dermatology

Pediatric Urologist

We use:

Dr. Mark E. Kolligian, M.D., F.A.C.S, F.A.A.P., Children’s Urology Group – Sometimes there is that uni-ball situation and Dr. Mark Kolligian (Childrens Urology Group) was there to take care of it. For all things urology, he sees patients and operates out of All Children, another bonus. Highly professional and great sense of humor. The kids love him and as parents we felt at ease. They have satellite offices in Sarasota too!

Children’s Plastics:

We use:

Dr. S. Alex Rottgers, M.D., – All Children’s Hospital  – Again, All Children’s takes the top of the list and Dr. Rottgers did not disappoint. From initial visits, pre op, op and post op, Dr. Rottgers was amazing. He has great attention to detail and was especially careful with a pre-cancerous removal needed on our daughter’s face. I could not recommend enough!

Pediatric Allergists and Immunology

Intercoastal Medial Group – Dr. Matthew Aresery, MD is an allergy & immunology specialist and comes with excellent patient ratings. He specializes in allergy & immunology and hospital medicine.

All Children’s Hospital Immunology – Here we see All Children’s again! They provide care for children with a wide range of allergies and immune disorders in the USF Pediatric Allergy/Immunology Program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

People also recommend Allergy Affiliates.