You read that right, husband. You should be grateful for the Brads’. While it may be uncomfortable to see your wife swoon over another man, have you questioning your physique, 5 o’clock shadow and foot wear choices, in reality these men are doing you a solid. 

A life of housework, the office, cooking, practice schedules, play dates, bathroom mishaps and middle of the night wake-ups is beyond draining. Everything women have we give to you. This is part of how women show love and commitment. We know all the little things mean everything and so we give them away limitlessly. Unfortunately, all this giving leaves nearly nothing for us. We manage to give ourselves away so deeply there is no bath, spa day or bottle of wine to fix the situation. With no signs of the train slowing the feelings of abandon and desire end up buried under piles of emails, dirty clothes and dishes. Ya’ll know what this leads to: We’re too tired tonight, but need to stay up to enjoy the silence, we may or may not have showered and are mentally processing doing it all over again tomorrow but better this time. 

Enter Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper

Enter Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper MOVIES…

Watching movies like Legends of the Fall and A Star is Born are everything. We watch them during the wee hours when it’s our time. The time when everyone is asleep and all is silent. No problems to solve, things to find, praise to be given or parent mode activated. Our heads are clear, we’re zoned out and looking for a moment when we don’t have to think. The movie can do the thinking for us and fill the space. It’s at this time when the romance and abandon of the plot hit us in that place we’ve buried. There’s a nostalgia that arises and memories of the butterflies in the stomach feeling comes to the surface. While we know butterflies are a fleeting feeling, only really present at the beginning of a relationship, we remember them and remember them with you.

We know we don’t want the wild mountain man or deep thinking raging drunk for our partner in life. We don’t want a dark insanity for a husband but the feelings inspired by the on-screen role remind us of pure love and what we have. There in the quiet of the house it’s a little more clear why we do what we do, who we were, who we are now and why WE just make sense.

Pitt and Cooper

The Brad Effect can be equally compared to the Travel Effect. You know, the one we get when we take a short trip together. Just long enough to let go but not so long that we’re worried about everything at home. Dining where we please for as long as we want paired with long explorations with zero preparedness or expectation of things suddenly going sideways. It all ends with a sense of reconnection and planning for the next adventure. A good movie can activate a similar reality.

Now, if she’s stalking them online and requesting you speak only in a hard-core Arizonian accent you might have a problem and this blog is not for you.