We travel a lot with our kids and found decent luggage is essential. Our requirements include the ability to pack enough but not too much, ease of carry, versatility and manageability for the kids.

Luggage options

For luggage I like Away Travel Brand, as they meet all above needs for my husband and me. We have the regular carry-on, large carry-on and large checked case. They roll extremely well (including walk along side), have plenty of internal space, boast space saver mesh and withstand all the miles we put on.

About a year ago I stumbled across Walker Family Goods. I was impressed with their mission and pure love for family travel. Their explanation on why the created the States Bag for kids was in line with our “function” check list – I figured to give the States Bag a try.

Votes are in

We have not been disappointed and I recommend this bag to everyone. The twins each have one of their own and love them! When we pack, we do it together – keeping them in the know of what’s in the bag, choice of items to avoid complaints later, and general awareness as to where it all goes.

They fully manage their own bag to and from the car. For the airport, we find stacking them on top of our rolie luggage works great. The kids can then carry their own travel backpacks while we have the luggage under control, avoiding the inevitable stuck kid on the curb in the parking garage and bags left behind (yes, our kids have abandoned bags in mid-walk).

12 days of cold weather gear
All packed up

As you can see from the above photos it’s ridiculous how much we can fit in these bags. Here, we are lined up for a two week ski trip.

  • 4 sweaters
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 5 long sleeve
  • 5 short sleeve
  • 7 pants
  • 8 regular socks
  • 3 ski socks
  • 3 pairs of PJ’s
  • 3 thermal sets
  • 8 undies

We pack the actual ‘on the mountain gear’ in their travel backpacks. We’ll save that for another post!