Unconventionally Domestic
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Unconventionally Domestic

Real Life. Real Moms.

This is real life from real moms who are tired. Not tired in a fed-up sense just plain exhausted. 14-24 hour shifts of people shouting their needs. Mom, wife, volunteer, employee and dog walker. Feed me, find me, get me, can you, you need to do, I assumed you had it, it’s broken, batteries, be here, do this and wipe me up.

And then there’s the expectations and standards we as women put on ourselves. It’s time to change the narrative. We’re using our real moms blog to be part of the change.

Once Upon a Time

Once high-powered women managing multi-million dollar deals paired with fancy dinners, pitches and airport lounges turned (by choice) servants to our children, husbands and expectations of a modern mom. How is this job so much more to manage than the paying workforce?

We went from negotiating and finalizing contracts to signing endless reading logs and rationalizing common core math (it cannot be rationalized) and telling our kids and husbands to “Go to sleep, I’m tired”.

Women supporting women

We believe coming up short is okay and it’s time we support each other in this. Not only do we think it’s okay to need help, we believe help is the answer. The path to least resistance is actually an option and you can take someones word for it. We want to share what we have learned with you. Welcome to our tribe!

What you’ll get

The mom learning curve is steep. Thank God for mom friends who ventured into this territory before us, if you catch them while they can still remember, they are a wealth of tips, short cuts and reassurance that you’re just as lost as they were.  

We created this real moms blog to do our best to document as many tips and shortcuts as we can. Some you may already know. Some may save you time. Some may save your life. We’ll give you what we know straight forward. No fluff, BS, lengthy personal backstory or additives. We don’t have time for anything else, we’re real moms.

From Just the Recipe and Family Travel tips, to Adulting hacks we hope there will be a takeaway in our blog for you in much of what you read.

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